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The LinkedIn Profile: Time to update it Mama

Each day brings out something new in me as a Mama. And looking back from where I started I feel like I am learning and developing new skills as my baby grows. Trust me, this has taught me more than what I learned in my MBA class. Working or stay at home, having a baby changes so much in the life of a mother. Stay at home Mamas, even if you are not in an office setting developing new corporate skills, taking care of your baby might be doing it as much without you noticing. A Mama’s job has no annual performance report, no evaluations, no promotions and no recognition awards. But there is so much Mamas learn with this new role that doesn’t pay you in dollars, rather rewards you in hugs and kisses. It is the most selfless job, keeping someone’s needs and demands above all of your own.

Every Mama deserves this, every month! You’ve earned it!

So I say it is time for you Mama to update that LinkedIn Profile of your’s that marked you unemployed when you made this sacrifice for your family. And all the working Mamas, it is time you hit that ‘+’ button and add all these new skills to your profile. Here’s a list of skills that I have mastered and I will be adding to my LinkedIn profile:

Time Management: I can’t believe the level of my work productivity in 24 hours. I can complete a task that took about 30 minutes before mama life, in 10 minutes along with 3 other tasks. My schedule runs tight, but I can always accommodate last minute requests. When my baby goes to sleep, that’s like for about 30-45 minutes at a time, I make a mental list of tasks while putting him to bed. I make sure I complete each one of my tasks on the list, because I may never find time to do it again in the day. I cannot stress enough how much time management I do every single day.

Crisis Management: My strategy here is very clear. I understand my baby’s strengths and weaknesses like nobody else. Why? Because I am a good observer (I take my job seriously) and I spend most of my day with him. I carefully assess his opportunities of growth and development and making new friends and identify threats like stone on my fireplace or a stranger or that big piece (actually tiny) of any food he might choke on. I build solutions that are always a win for him, no risks involved, cannot afford one. I plan ahead of any crisis, much ahead. I always carry an extra pair of clothes, not just his, also mine, in case he throws up on me. I carry an extra bottle just in case he drops or throws away the one in use.

Overtime: I work for hours together without a break and still have the same focus. And all of this work without asking for an extra pay (Remember my pay is in hugs and kisses that you don’t always get. If you are working overtime, it is more likely you are getting screamings and cryings). I work every day, including weekends and public holidays. Sunday? What is that?

Multitasking: I do multiple tasks at a time all the time in a fast paced working environment. I work with all my 10 hands, 2 that you see and  8 others that you don’t. Oh, and I work in my sleep too. Keeping an ear always open to listen to when my baby cries and an eye open to see if he is bothered by anything. I watch with all my 4 eyes when he is up, 2 that see things in front and 2 that opened right at the time of his birth and can see everything that happens behind.

Punctual: I cannot afford to be late at any particular task. If I miss something, it is gone for the day.

Efficient: When the pediatrician says your baby has gained weight and doing so well, it is like music to my ears. I am totally dancing on the inside. It feels like a big compliment, so what I have been doing is so good for him. Yes, I feel efficient at my work. When my friends say your baby is always dressed up so cute, I take some pride in all the efforts that I have to put in behind what they see.

Revenue & Finance: I can generate maximum and over the expected ROI without any actual $$ investments. Besides which Mama has not availed diapers from Sams club or the deal at Target.

Problem Solver: I do this at all play dates or whenever we meet other kids or any crowded places, well, actually all the time. And I kid you not, solving their problems is more challenging. You have got to solve their problems with only a win-win!

Mamas, there is so much more that this journey teaches us. I admit that being a Mama has changed me in so many good ways. I know when I step out to begin my career again, I will be a better employee, a new improved version of me. So if you think that being a stay at home mom will not enhance your degrees and experiences, just take a moment and look around you. You will see how much you have gained, Mama!




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