Mama Forever

The Messy Bun

In all the anxiety and a fading patience, who cares what we look like? In that moment you are who you are- no pretense.

I remember that messy bun the nurse tied on the back of my head with rough, uncombed hair that I had flowing down after hours in labor.

After all delivery isn’t what they show on television. It seemed so beautiful, I felt like I was ready to be a mom after all those months of wait, ready for this beautiful new title I was about to get, to feel and touch my baby, to cuddle and all the beautiful things I was about to unfold. It felt just so beautiful.

Little did I know, how all of this looks when all the motherhood stories come to reality. Motherhood is hard. Period.

All the anxieties, sleepless nights and God knows when the poop explosions will happen, I always remember my messy bun. I love what it made me feel like then. I stand tall in front of the mirror and I tie that bun once again, and again and again. And now I wear it with pride. Pride for doing all of this that I do, pride for my body that is capable of not just creating a human being but also nurturing him, pride for doing a million things if the baby needs even after being exhausted like I climb mountains each day.

The messy bun, is now my perfect bun. So mama’s when you feel like the day is never going to end, the baby won’t stop crying, and you feel like you will lose it, don’t! Just tie your messy bun, and remember all the good things it stands for and take a little pride in the powers of your motherhood! Because you are beautiful to that sweet little soul.


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