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The beautiful fatherhood: Let’s talk about it

Ladies, let’s talk about the man behind it all. The unseen parent. The one we talk really less about. The often ignored one. The less cared and even lesser pampered one. The bearer of all tantrums. The father. Yes, gentlemen, roll up your sleeves and straighten up those collars, because dude, you deserve the damn credit!

I wanted to do this post from a long long time when I realized that unknowingly (mostly knowingly), I had made everything about me. I carried the baby, went into labor and pushed a chubby human into life. And it doesn’t end at that, I nurtured him. I still do. And how many times have you heard and read these lines? Probably a millionth time, I am the Mom and this is what I do!

But what you haven’t heard is, it wasn’t possible without the father. Not a day, not a minute. The day we found out we were expecting a baby, I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew I had someone to hold my hand and walk through this journey, if anything, with roses under my feet. I knew I will be taken care of and that I will be pampered. I felt safe. I felt loved. And this was a really important and beautiful role in my pregnancy. I may have carried the baby, but he carried the both of us! In his arms, in his heart, in his care, in his support and every small thing he did for the two of us.

He laid a perfect groundwork of his upcoming role in his child’s life. 


He is the one who selflessly loved the baby without even feeling his existence. Fathers have this amazing ability to shower their love and care with nothing but a mere notification that land in their inbox of life, that well, the little parcel of joy will arrive in a few months. It’s like a blind date, only they know they already love this child with all their heart and soul.

I can easily see myself pulling my hair and losing the last ounce of patience over my own emotional swings, if I was in his shoes. God knows how did he keep it together. He never pried on me nor did he neglect any of it. Can you imagine the stress of balancing this? My whole pregnancy was about my health and my appointments. Well, it has to be. But there was so much on his mind, that went unchecked.

The one who drove extra miles just to buy a burger with crispier jalapenos (mostly in this to be mommy’s imagination), the one who ran all the errands while I took extra naps, the one who cooked me some delish to only be told that it smelled bad, followed by massive throw ups, the one who let me squeeze his hands if that helped me through pain, the one who would stay up all night so I could nap, the one who tied my shoe laces when I couldn’t bend down anymore, the one who took so much care of me and the baby with so much affection, there is nothing more selfless you can ask in a father.

I love the bond between my men. I cannot thank his Dad enough for what he does for our child and to support me. I cannot imagine parenting without him!

Post our baby’s birth, he has been so actively involved that it almost takes me by surprise that how much he is connected to him, even though they  have just met.

Fatherhood is beyond the mere passing of genes. It is a connection of blood, of heart and of soul. 

Happy Father’s Day to my man who turned out to be a great father, far beyond my expectations and imaginations. Happy Father’s Day to my father who raised hell of a daughter.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, you are important and needed in this journey and none of us can really thrive without you! 




  • Autumn Murray

    Sounds like you have a great father and an awesome husband who is a wonderful father. I love hearing about positive father relationships as I didn’t have one myself. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • TheBeautifulMama

      Yes I feel so blessed and thankful. Thank you so much for reading. I feel you. The role of a father is so important.

    • TheBeautifulMama

      Thank you for reading the post! I am so glad that you could relate. Dads are always the parent in the background, I think mainly because of biological reasons.

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