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The journey of solid foods for babies

My little boy started with simple foods at first but as he is growing up, he quickly realized there is more to eating solid foods, that is, yummy- ness! And there I was taking his solid food journey so lightly. We often think to ourselves, how much do they really eat? And the answer is literally very little. But that is a whole meal for them. If we adults crave for delicious food so much, why wouldn’t babies? And if he eats healthy with just asking for variety and deliciousness, why not? After all, this fondness towards yummy eating runs in our family.

When we started feeding him solids (anything other than milk), I fed him vegetable purées, fruit purées, home made cereal- semolina, rice, lentils, broken wheat, oats. He fondly had anything we offered. I guess at that stage babies are just smelling and tasting new foods. Mango was his absolute favorite. I used to carry mango purée every time we went out because I knew he would eat it without any troubles. But Mango is a seasonal fruit and gone are the days of mango. When it comes to healthy eating, I don’t prefer store bought or packaged baby food. I do feed him packaged baby food when we are on a trip though because there is no easy way to make your own.

He always comes and asks to eat something off of our plates when we eat. And we did start giving him mashed something from our plates. We wanted him to get a hang of the food that we eat early in his age. Besides it is hard to always say no when he asks for it. And now we actually love eating together. If our meal has nothing that we can mash and give him, I just keep some puffed rice in my plate that I dry roast and store for him and cheat feed him. It is a great finger snack for babies. He loves it and is healthier than store bought finger foods.

I just press it with my finger and feed him as he has no teeth. It melts in his mouth when I feed him this way.

But now since he has tasted a variety of foods and different flavors, he wants to eat yummy too for his meal.

I got my hint when one afternoon I planned on taking a short cut and offered him plain and simple rice cereal. He looked at the spoon and I am guessing he saw the color and made up his mind. He refused to eat even the first spoon of it. I felt like I am really getting short on ideas of what kind of food I could have him eat without the fussiness and 45 minutes of requesting him, singing his favorite rhymes, making faces, and what not! And not even a single spoon after all this! Yes babies are way more patient to get their job done than we are.

But this encouraged me to try new recipes and see what works for my little champ. The first one I tried, not sure if it was the color or smell that pleased him, he happily took the first spoon of it and asked for more until everything was gone! Ah! My happy moment! I clapped, he clapped and we all clapped. See me dancing yet?

That’s when it occurred to me. Why do we not take baby food seriously and make it flavorful for them to eat? I love seeing that happy face on my baby when he eats different flavors and looks so satisfied. And I love that big smile on my heart when I know he has eaten the whole healthy meal.

So say no to the packaged foods Mama if you are up for a delicious home made meal for your baby. Baby food recipes are very easy and simple to make. Let those happy smiles stay forever happy!


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