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Baby Food Recipe: Carrot, Broccoli and Rice

My little guy used to love carrot purée until one day he kicked the bowl in my hand and all the purée went flying straight on my white cushion. And anyone who has washed carrot purée from clothes will know what a deep yellow stain it leaves behind. It was only after 7-8 wash cycles with Gain, Downy, vinegar, baking soda, coke (yeah, someone suggested) and what not! I knew something was wrong. Then I tried apple purée but he wouldn’t eat that either. That’s when my inner creative mama kicked in and I thought of trying some creativity with carrot. And it worked!

This is the first combination I tried that I had not seen on any packaged foods before. The combination of carrot and broccoli adds a unique flavor to rice. I add a pinch of salt to his food now that he has grown bigger. Adding salt is totally optional but I do feel that it enhances the flavor. I also add ghee (clarified butter) that is considered to be very healthy. Ghee makes a big difference to the overall taste of the dish. However, this recipe tastes equally yummy without ghee.

I was surprised to see that he finished his full meal for the first time ever. Nothing like seeing him happy! There are lot of health benefits of carrot and broccoli that are important to the little ones. Rice is known for easy digestion in babies and besides adding anything to rice, makes it taste good usually. This is why I thought of this combination.

I make this dish more often now as it turned out to be one of his favorites. Here goes the recipe:


Rice, carrot, broccoli

2 tsp of rice

2 inch carrot

1 medium sized broccoli floret

Water as needed for cooking and adjusting consistency per liking


1. Wash rice and soak in water

2. Dice carrot into small pieces (makes it quicker to soften) and roughly chop broccoli.

3.  Add carrot and broccoli to rice and add water as needed.

4. Boil on medium flame till rice is completely cooked and vegetables are softened. Check periodically with a spoon. Add more water if needed. If you want to add salt, add at this stage.

5. Once it is done turn off the gas. Allow it to cool.

6. Grind it to a fine paste or grainy as per your baby’s eating ability. You can add more water to adjust consistency. I usually heat it again just to make it a little warm for him to eat.

7. Don’t forget to serve in his favorite bowl.

Carrot- Broccoli- Rice

P.S.: You can also carry this dish with you for the next meal. It tastes good even when colder and I did not see any change in consistency when cold. I use these microwavable bowls with lids so I can microwave if possible. Also these little carry bags keep the meal a little warm and they are super cute. He loves it when I remove it from my bag and loves it more when his meal comes out of it. My win-win!




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