Hello readers! My name is Neha, I am a stay at home Mom. I am MS in Biotechnology and MBA. I studied and then worked almost all my life till I had my baby. I am blessed with a beautiful baby boy who is the light and the rock of my life. Staying at home with my baby is a choice I made and I am so happy that I did! It just works out so well for our little family. My husband is a kind hearted man who supported me through this incredible journey and does so much to make my life easy even now. He is a father I always wanted my baby to have!

Babies are love in its purest form, so innocent and so beautiful. We, Mama’s may jump out of fear of a lizard in the room, but have this amazing inner strength to create a human being and nurture and raise him with nothing but love. That’s what makes Mama’s beautiful! 

With this blog I only intend to share my feelings and relate to every Mama and her journey. I also would like to share some tips based on my experiences and understanding.

If you Mama’s would like to share any of your experiences, feel free to write to me through the contact form. I would love to hear your side of stories too.