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The Love Nest

There is going to be a precious addition to your family. And this addition might look small but needs a lot of space. In your room, nursery, closet, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and every place you can think of, umm.. or may be you can’t even think of.

And after months of preparing if you still don’t feel that your nest is ready at the end of the term, do what it takes! Nesting is this biological urge to tidy up your space, organize closets, empty old drawers, make more room for baby stuff,  and fold and refold baby clothes and to still feel that your space is after all not ready.

I remember making my husband run for errands even on the day that we were supposed to be in the hospital. Nobody, including me, could understand why all of that was important. But I just knew I had to do everything on my to do list. Only the to do list was unending and exhausting us! But like I said, you do what it takes!

Mamas it is fine to do what it takes to get yourself ready although that little person is frankly not going to care about your misplaced spoon or a bleached shower. It is about us putting our heart and love in creating that nest for our babies that we feel would make them feel welcomed. It maybe biological, but for us this urge comes from mommy’s heart to make our world perfect. Let’s face it, the truth is we are nesting to create space in our lives and you don’t realize how much space you had in your heart and your life until you hold the baby in your arms.

Let me try to make it easier for you. Start with making a comprehensive nesting list. Don’t panic on creating one. Just start with anything and everything you want to get done before baby arrives. Organize your list with bigger and more difficult tasks first and then the smaller ones because as you progress in your pregnancy, you will stress out more quickly.

Here are some broad categories from my list:

  1. General: Arrangements for family, siblings, finances, home, insurance.
  2. Nursery: Painting the room as soon as you find out the gender of the baby or if you decide to go neutral. Buy and assemble furniture and put up all the decorations. If you don’t finish nursery first, this will panic you more than anything.
  3. Hospital Bag: Keep it ready in your car trunk if possible.
  4. Diaper Bag: Buy one and arrange it with everything you will need for the baby and you. There are going to be Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant visits as soon as you are discharged from the hospital. You might not get anytime to do this later. So diaper bag is just as important as hospital bag.
  5. Stocking up: Buy everything you will need for your home while you are on bed rest and everything you will need for the baby. Some of the baby stuff I stocked up was diapers, wipes,  lotion, bathing soap, diaper rash cream, powder, diaper changing sheets, pacifiers, bottles, extra bottle nipples, etc.
  6. Nursing: If you decide to breast feed, lanolin will be your best friend. If you decide to pump I would recommend buying extra sets of attachments- bottles, tubing, membranes. So when one set is in cleaning you can use another one.
  7. Deep cleaning: Anything you want spotless depending on the size of your home. Remember no stressing yourself out!
  8. Organizing: This might take longer than you think if you are planning on creating space in your own closet or bedroom. You will need space for clothes, hats, shoes, socks, extra diapers and wipes in the closet/ drawer. In the kitchen you will need space for bottle sterilizer, bottle cleaning brush and space to keep used bottles. Don’t forget to make space to keep bottle warmer (Ah! life saver), baby monitor (angled on the crib) and humidifier (apart from the furniture of course!).
  9. Baby proofing: Make a list of all the things that you need to baby proof. Buy and do it well in advance so you get used to it yourself before the baby comes.
  10. Post Partum Recovery: Whatever you need after the delivery when you come home to help keep them handy.

And finally, not everything you put on that list is going to be done. So just know that this maybe a practical nesting for you and your baby, what will only come to you handy is the nesting in your heart that you have been doing all this while. Mamas, don’t make this nesting phase all that stressful, once the baby arrives you will know how every piece falls in place!

So nesting or not mama, you have got this!



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