Being a Mama has been the greatest and truest gift I have ever received! Despite all the challenges and hardships, we, Mamas, still love it because of all the beautiful things motherhood brings along. Listening to baby’s heartbeat the first time, watching him on sonogram the first time, nope, every single time, carrying him for all those months, birth, holding him for the first time, looking at his beautiful face the first time, nope, every single time and many more moments with this precious life is a life turning and an amazing experience. I feel lucky to be a Mama and be the one to help him navigate through this journey!

Motherhood is hard. As Mamas we learn to do the hard, so much happily! At first we question it, but very quickly realize that it is all worth and it is all we ever wanted. Motherhood is being in this constant dilemma of getting sometime out of all the chaos and still willing to stay in for all the hugs and kisses and cuddles. Motherhood is praying for your baby to fall asleep and missing him the moment he does. Motherhood is letting a piece of your heart ripped out every time they go away, from kindergarten, day care to first day at work. Motherhood is secretly crying every time you get angry at him. Motherhood is cooking his favorite meal without him even asking for it. Motherhood is so many beautiful things. And it is all for you, the beautiful Mamas!